PC2021 - Technical Sessions   

Product Tests and Evaluations
Dr. Cliff Redus will provide an overview and summary of the testing and evaluation of multiple components for small submarines including the Over Pressure Valve OP-1, CruzPro Sonar Transducer, and ONWA KA-GC9A 9-Axis Magnetic compass with built-in GPS.

Analog and Microprocessor Technologies
Gary Boucher will discuss design and fabrication of analog and microprocessor technologies for submarine components.

Pisces VI
Scott Waters will provide an update and tour of PISCES VI via ZOOM. See Pisces VI and Pisces VI on Facebook to learn more about this incredible rejuvination of a deep diving submarine.

Great Escape Submarine Update
Steve McQueen will providing an update on his K-250 submarine and testing it to depth.

Shackleton Submarine Update
Alec Smyth will providing an update on his submarine and testing it to depth.

Submarine Environment Monitor
Jon Wallace will discuss SEM (Submarine Environment Monitor), a home-built project that uses off-the-shelf electronics to monitor the submarine environment.